If you have questions, please feel free to send us an inquiry on the Contact Page. Below you will find answers to commonly asked questions.

How old does my Golden have to be to do an Embark Genetic Test?

You can submit a genetic test for any age Golden.

If you have a new litter, you can test all the puppies to help you select your puppy based on the Genetic Test results.

Does Embark ship internationally?

Yes, Embark will ship your package anywhere that can accept deliveries. There is an additional $10 Fee for International Shipping which will be added to your order.

Can I test Frozen Semen or DNA previously stored for deceased dogs?

Of course! Please call Embark’s friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps to answer your questions and make arrangements – DO NOT SHIP using the instructions below before contacting Embark to make arrangements!

Direct inquiries via email to howdy@embarkvet.com or call +1 (224) 236-2275

INSTRUCTIONS FROM EMBARK: For atypical samples like these, we just ask that owners ship the extracted DNA or blood or whatever DNA source they have (let us know what it is) to:

  • Embark Vet
  • 454 N 34th St.
  • Icogenex Bioincubator, 2nd Floor
  • Seattle, WA 98103

PLEASE, PLEASE – have owners email us beforehand to arrange a shipping and receipt date. I’ve had folks arrange to deliver frozen blood on a Saturday without telling us–not pleasant to get a call from UPS and then have to tear back to lab unexpectedly to make sure the sample is put away.

If possible DNA and blood should be shipped cold; if they’re currently frozen, try to ship them frozen. What we’ll do is add this to our next plate for genotyping (there can be significant lag time here because we have to submit atypical samples in batches of >24). Once the data are back and we confirm that the sample passes QC, we then transfer the dog’s profile to the owner and invoice them the standard price for the Golden Retriever Diversity Group.

Erin Chu