Embark’s Approach to Improving Genetic Health

Embark’s mission is to end preventable disease in dogs. They actively seek to partner with breed clubs, health organizations, university researchers, and other groups that share this goal and who are dedicated to making it a reality. Their view is that by working together to leverage Embark’s unique capabilities, they can accelerate the pace of discovery and make findings more quickly accessible to owners, breeders, and veterinarians.

To encourage Genetic Testing, the Golden Retriever Diversity Project and Mid-Michigan GRC, have partnered with Embark to receive discounts on the cost of DNA kits for Golden Retrievers . On top of that, Embark is the only DNA test provider to leverage a research-grade platform using over 200,000 genetic markers. This platform enables cutting-edge research and genetic mapping studies to occur immediately, while also archiving genetic data for future initiatives. What’s more, every Golden owner that uses Embark owns their data and is empowered to share it with their Breed Club, add it to an existing health database, or even send it to other researchers. This means that every Embark test conducted empowers partner organizations around the world to pursue canine health initiatives, in addition to the research efforts led by Embark’s in-house team of veterinarians, geneticists, and research scientists.

Embark calls this new model ‘research-forward’. The Golden Retriever Diversity Project invites you to join us and Embark on this exciting journey to improve Golden Retriever health!

By taking part in the Golden Retriever Diversity Project, you will enable Embark to share your dog’s data with us to disseminate to the GRCA, GRF and other research groups approved by us interested in doing Golden Retriever Health Research.

It is so easy to test your dogs and contribute to Golden Retriever Health Research! You’ll get valuable information about your dog’s health and genetic makeup and contribute to healthier Goldens.

Information Will Be Available to Researchers as enough data is available from tested Golden Retrievers – the more dogs who are added to the database, the more valuable the information with be to researchers.

Please send us you suggestions and information about researchers doing Golden Retriever Health Research Projects, and ask the researchers to contact us directly to see how we can share data to assist with their projects.


Golden-Specific Benefits, Exclusive Low Prices

Embark offers in-depth research opportunities focused on Golden Retrievers, and the Retriever Diversity Project will support existing GRCA and GRF research initiatives as well. All Golden Retriever owners will receive special reduced prices on Embark DNA testing to further support healthy breeding practices.


Golden-wide Population Health Analyses

Embark will provide free reports on frequency of disease mutations, genetic diversity, and physical traits so you can understand and impact the overall health of Golden Retrievers.

Genetic counseling

Veterinary Geneticist Consultations

Embark’s genetics experts are available to breed club health chairs, mentors, and individual breeders to inform how Embark’s test results can be applied to guide breeding decisions that lead to both healthier dogs and successful programs for future for dogs.

Are You A Researcher? We Can Help!

Statistically representative DNA sampling is difficult to accomplish for individual researchers. It takes time, money and owners willing to participate. Embark offers stringent, state-of-the-art Quality Control in their DNA Test processing. They utilize a 240,000+ SNP Illumina DNA Chip. Jump-start your research by partnering with the Golden Retriever Diversity Project and Embark.

The Golden Retriever Diversity Project can offer you a broad, diverse collection of DNA through Embark. All at no cost to Research Partners. Send us a proposal today to get started. We save you resources – You help Golden Retrievers!