What Makes Embark Different?

While Genetic Testing for Goldens has been available for over a decade, technological advances have enabled Embark to provide comprehensive testing for all the suggested Golden Retriever Genetic Tests in one panel utilizing DNA microarray technology as opposed to the older methods of completing each Genetic Test individually.

How do you know the new technology providing over 160+ genetic tests is accurate? How is it different from the single mutation tests other companies offer? And why doesn’t Embark offer single mutation testing?

Here’s an informative article from Dr. Erin Chu, DVM, Senior Veterinary Geneticist which explains why this advanced technology offers you the most comprehensive Genetic Testing available.

Best of all, you can get the most comprehensive Genetic Testing available for Dogs, and now it’s available to your at an everyday low price of $129. No Coupons, Specials or Promotions required!

Results You Can Rely On

Ever wondered if the results you see posted on k9data.com for Goldens are accurate? Up until now there has been no way to verify them. How do you really know that the Genetic Tests you see posted for a dog truly belong to that dog since nothing is independently verified to prove which dog was tested with other genetic testing companies? After all, we require vet’s to verify microchips to receive a VPI verified microchip designation for our Hip, Elbow, Heart and Eye Clearances.

Well now Buyers, Breeders and Stud Dog Owners can rest easy with Embark Genetic Tests. They have introduced Veterinary Verification of Identity with their new Veterinary Verification of Permanent Identification Form.

This form is to be used by a veterinarian collecting the saliva or blood sample and confirming the identity of the dog by a permanent identifier (microchip or tattoo), for an additional level of assurance that the sample was collected from the specified dog. This isn’t required to run an Embark test, but it’s an added feature based on feedback from customers who wanted this form of verification to share with other breeders, potential puppy buyers, or breed groups.

This form must be signed by a licensed veterinarian. Once complete, you will need to scan the form to a PDF file, or take a photograph, and upload it to the Documents section of the dog’s profile. Be sure to submit it with your Embark OFA submission sheet.

The Golden Retriever Diversity Project hopes that you will enjoy using this new feature, and be part of making an important contribution of taking Genetic Testing to the same level of accuracy and reliability as other Health Clearances! Please do not hesitate to reach out to Embark – they can be reached at breeders@embarkvet.com with any questions!

What Reports Do You Get From Embark?

Want to check out what you get with an Embark Genetic Test before you order? Click on the links to view real-life sample reports from our Spring 2019 NCL5 Blind Study.



With other Genetic Tests, you get a single report telling you if your dog is Affected, Carrier or Clear for each condition you test for. With Embark, you get a comprehensive overview of your Golden’s entire genetic makeup.

You can create Test Breedings in the Matchmaker Tool to look at the true Genetic COI of your Litter. You’ll learn your dog’s Genetic COI, information about health conditions you might not be aware of, a report you can share with your Veterinarian and own Raw Data that can be shared with any Researcher.

And if you have questions, Embark can help you find answers. Best of all, you and your Golden will be making a difference by contributing to Genetic Research in diseases that affect Golden Retrievers. The choice is simple – Embark is the #1 way to find out as much information as you can to help you keep your Golden healthy and make smart breeding choices. Order Today!